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November 11th, 2013
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Keith and Jaci Birnschein opened Door County Custom Meats to provide a place for local farmers and hunters to have their animals processed for meat.

282924_3355270247610_1491196329_nThey processed more than 6,000 pounds of meat their first year, including brats, summer sausage, venison, and bacon – doing it all with recipes handed down from Keith’s grandfather.

They built a brand new, state of the art processing facility on their small farm in Door county, complete with a 12 by 32 foot walk in cooler, and insulated walls that can be steam cleaned after processing an animal.

While expanding the business to the needs of catering for weddings, anniversaries, graduations & business luncheons and also the production of custom meats; such as up to 14 different flavors of bratwurst and selling to the local farm markets, this keeps our family busy year round.526059_541985052485744_1899572014_n

The idea for the processing facility came from Keith’s memories of his grandfather, working at a local food market.

Watching, and helping, his grandfather inspired his love for this kind of work. While he would have loved to go into business with his grandfather, it was not meant to be. So now he operates his facility, fulfilling his grandfather’s dream along with his own.

And this truly is a family affair. The memories come from Keith. The custom-built facility was designed by Keith himself. Keith’s son & daughter help with the processing which makes this truely a family business. The trophies on the wall – antelope, pheasant, and deer included, are all Keith’s.

While this is obviously a business, designed to turn a profit, it is not all about the money for Keith and his family.

When hunters bring in deer for processing, they can sign up for Paul’s Pantry donation fund, and the meat – and the processing – are then donated to local food pantries at no cost to the food pantries, or the hunters.

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