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January 12th, 2020
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Our Mission

At Door County Custom Meats, it is our mission to provide a place for our valued customers to receive local, farm raised, meat products of the highest quality directly from our family business to your home.

About Our Business

Door County Custom Meats is located at 5091 Bechtel Road, just 8 miles North of Sturgeon Bay off of HWY 57.

Door County Custom Meats is a local family owned and operated business.

Keith and Jaci Birnschein, along with their son and daughter, Cody and Savanna, truly make this a family affair.

The making and success of Door County Custom Meats came from Keith’s memories of his grandfather, who worked at the local food market in Sturgeon Bay, WI, when he was a little boy.  Watching and helping his grandfather, inspired Keith to operate his own facility, fulfilling his grandfather’s dream along with his own.

The delicious products offered at Door County Custom Meats are made with Keith’s grandfathers’ recipes and will continue to be used while the business is in operation.

Continuing to Fulfill a Grandfather’s Dream

After building a brand new, state of the art, processing facility on the Birnschein’s own property in Door County, Keith and his family continued to expand their business.

Door County Custom Meats does venison processing for hunters during the fall hunting season.  You can choose from a simple skin, cut, and wrap or choose to get your deer processed into many delicious specialty meats (sausage, bologna, jerky, hot sticks, hot dogs, brats, and many more!)

Door County Custom Meats also does catering!  Whether you or someone you know has an engagement party, a wedding, a graduation celebration, an anniversary, a family gathering, or any reason for a party, you can book your special day with them! (see Catering link for additional information)

Also, Door County Custom Meats is known for their delicious brats, where they have over 14 brat flavors for you to choose from!  All of the brats are hand-tied, bigger than the bun, and ready to satisfy your taste buds, making you want to come back for more!

You can also find Door County Custom Meats at two local farm markets run during the summer season.  Find them at the Sturgeon Bay Farm Market or in Green Bay at the Farm Market on Broadway to grab your meat products. Door County Custom Meats also participates in many festivals around the county, keeping their family busy all year round!

Inhale the scent of billowing grill smoke, look for their red trailer, and you will be on your way to having a belly full of local, farm raised, meat products of the highest quality.

If you can’t make it to see them at one of their events, give them a call at (920)- 746-0304 and place an order!




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  • 920.746.0304
    5091 Bechtel Rd, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235