Wild Game Processing

October 12th, 2023
by admin

We can make a variety of specialty meats with your wild game.

Venison is the most common, but we can also use Goose, Pheasant, Bear, Elk, Moose, Wild Boar and more.

Processing with us:

We have been processing deer for over 35 years and we value your business!

The DNR has mandated safe handling procedures for CWD in which we follow stringently.

The only change we have made to previous methods is that we no longer cut neck roasts because we no loner use a band saw to cut venison; everything is cut and boned with a hand knife to ensure there is no cutting into the bone.

We handle each deer as we would our own.

All wild game meat besides the venison that we process for you, should be brought in completely free of bones, feathers and hair. The meat should be clean and fresh.

You take home the meat from the deer you brought in! (but remember: any deer shot to the main body ruins a large portion of the meat & we cut away any blood/bone fragments that are visible.)

After processing is finished, you will be contacted and expected to pick up your meat within 3 days; or will be charged a daily fee for storage.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

You may also bring in your field-dressed deer and donate it for no fee.  We will process the deer and all of the meat is ground into burger and then donated/distributed to families in need within the surrounding area(s).


Specialty Meat Products and Prices 

We do ask for a minimum of twelve (12) pounds of wild game per order.

We charge for wet weight going into the smokehouse.  (venison, pork, seasoning & casing = wet weight)
Please remember that these are all custom and specialty orders, so it does take time, especially during the deer hunting season due to the large quantity of orders. We appreciate your patience and we work diligently to process your order as fast as we can.


Most of the specialty meats are mixed with certified pork, i.e. summer sausage, hot dogs, bologna etc.. so pricing is based on total combined weight of wild game and pork meat.

NOTE*  We reserve the right to deny any meat that does not comply with our standards.


Summer Sausage



  Per Lb.



  Per Lb.



  Per Lb.
Hot Dogs



  Per Lb.
Hot Stix



  Per Lb.



  Per Lb.
Breakfast Sausage w/ pork



  Per Lb.
Bratwurst (Plain)



  Per Lb.




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